Types of Graffiti Styles – *For the Noobs

Graffiti is a type of visual art that has existed for centuries, dating back to ancient civilizations like ancient Rome and Greece. It is a form of expression that has evolved over time, and today there are many different styles of graffiti that artists use to create their work.

One of the most well-known graffiti styles is “tags,” which are simple, stylized signatures that graffiti artists use to identify themselves. These tags are often done quickly and are meant to be a quick and easy way for the artist to mark their territory.

Another common style is “throw-ups,” which are more elaborate than tags but still done quickly. These graffiti pieces usually consist of two or three colors and are often done using stencils or stamps.

“Pieces” are more detailed and time-consuming graffiti works that often involve the use of multiple colors and techniques. These works are often larger in size and can take hours or even days to complete.

“Wildstyle” graffiti is another popular style that involves the use of interlocking letters and shapes to create complex and intricate designs. This style is often associated with the hip hop and rap music culture and is known for its complexity and difficulty to read.

There are also many other styles of graffiti, including “stencil graffiti,” “sticker graffiti,” and “reverse graffiti,” which involves the removal of dirt and grime from surfaces to create a graffiti design.

No matter the style, graffiti is a form of artistic expression that allows artists to share their ideas and messages with the world. It is a way for artists to make a statement and leave their mark on their surroundings.

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