The History of Graffiti and New York’s Influence on Graffiti Art Around the World

The History of Graffiti and New York’s Influence on Graffiti Art Around the World

Graffiti is a form of ancient art that dates back to prehistoric times. For centuries, famous street art was in the form of inscriptions or figure sketches found in caves and walls of old buildings. More modernly, New York seems to be a pull for graffiti artists with murals on almost every surface you see. In this article, we’re going to talk a little more about New York’s influence on graffiti art.

A few known facts about graffiti:

  • The first discovery of graffiti was in Roman Architecture
  • Street art emerged in Philadelphia in the late 1960s
  • The first known graffiti artist was known as Cornbread, real name Daryl McCray
  • The bombing concept started in 1970 during the Style Wars.

Art or Vandalism

People view graffiti as a form of contemporary art where taggers use spray paint to depict a social situation or prompt a conversation. However, the discussion on whether the act is art or vandalism is quite expansive.

Speaking from both sides, you wouldn’t take it kindly if you found your property painted without your consent. But, on the other hand, if you have an artistic side, you can assume it’s the artist’s way to express their freedom of expression.

Unknown to most, carefully and well-presented graffiti murals can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of a place. Such an area would have a high influx of artists, consequently increasing the area’s cultural value.

Graffiti artists use signatures and specific art to depict their work. Most individuals treat artful areas as tourist attraction centers. For example, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mural in New York City is a great attraction owing to the former justice’s contribution to the USA legal process.

New York’s Influence on Graffiti Art

New York’s influence on graffiti art is highly profound. In 1970, plain-colored walls characterized the city. Today the town has graffiti from the subways to different building walls. You wouldn’t miss out on seeing graffiti art as you go about your business in the city.

The art originally started in Philadelphia in 1960 with two famous artists, ‘ Cool Earl’ and ‘CornBread,’ using graffiti to display their art publicly.

The death of Charlie Parker, a famous jazz artist, sparked the widespread use of graffiti in the city, with the words’ “Bird Lives Crafted” on building walls.

Graffiti Bombing

A decade later, bombing became a standard method of spray paint used by the artists. The bombing technique is where you paint multiple surfaces of one area with visual art. In addition, artists would often use a name conversion method to add to their pseudonyms.

The subway marked the first area with graffiti bombing. Bubble letters later succeeded the bombing technique.

Attack on Graffiti

Due to the vandalism nature of graffiti, the Clean Car Program was initiated in 1984 to combat the growing throw-ups and tags. In addition, the use of dog protection safeguarded subway cars. Finally, in 1989, the organization’s mission was successful, and all trains were clean from graffiti.

However, New York’s influence on graffiti art led to its popular spread across the globe. Legal graffiti made it possible for artist’s work to feature in museums.

Modern Graffiti

Contemporary graffiti art has led to the rise of various artists visually displaying their art on the streets of New York City. The commercialization of graffiti provides novice artists with the necessary supplies for their work. A graffiti subscription box can get you the essential supplies to set you off on your first mural.

To date, people view graffiti as art and a form of social expression. Globally, the murals are also in use as a way of passing information and creating awareness. The Covid-19 pandemic has primarily influenced graffiti, with major towns embodying art on various aspects of the virus.

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